domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Touch me.. LOVE IT!

If you look into my eyes
I can take u away
If you listen to my lies
I can wipe your tears away
But you'd have to follow through
Everything I do is for you
Give me more of what I'm asking for
I would never have to wait
Cause you'd be giving me just what I'm asking for
Baby, tomorrow won't be too late
So just...

Touch me
Oh how I wish you could!
Touch me
Oh how I wish you would!
Make sweet love to me and tell me that you're mine
Touch me
Oh how I wish you would
Baby hold me
And make sweet love... To me

Would you sit there
And watch me cry
Oh, are you gonna wake up from your dreams
And realize
That you've got me
And you've got a family
Say would you touch me
Would you let me be
Say would you stand there
And just let me walk away
I would never go away
All you have to do is say so, and baby,


Baby, I can make it easy if I try
Just open your eyes, and promise not to cry, no
Because I'm giving my all, my everything
To loving you boy

Is it gonna be easy for you to walk away
And just forget what we have done yesterday
Baby, W wanna remind you if you touch me

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